UPDATED 6/20/98


Welcome to Winter's Ray Image Attic!

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Page 1 : Favorites

  • Pn1 :

    This Image was an earlier raytrace that I did.. using POVRAY 2.0 and WinBLOB. You might have already seen this in the Quake Section :)
  • XvT Squadron Logo :

    This Image was for the XWing Vs Tie Fighter Squadron I was in. Tools: Lightwave 4.5, PaintShop Pro.
  • Shuttle Tyderium :

    This was a model that I made complete with Working LED's in the picture also is the testing equipment that I used to get it working (I made that also in real life). The Page from the book on modelling was actually done on MSWord then I took a Screenshot and image mapped it to the book model that I assembled. One thing you might notice, however, is that I didn't have time (or patience) to put in some wires to the Power Supply :). This raytrace was done with LightWave 4.5, and the textures were created in PaintShop Pro.
  • Facilities Engineering :

    This Image was created during the time that I was doing internships for Westinghouse. At the time, I worked at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) which was a low-level nuclear waste repository located in southern New Mexico. This image in no way reflects my actual work environment at WIPP (Which was much more corporate... with all the wonderful politics that goes without saying). This is one of my all time favorites images. At the time, it took well over TWO full days to do a complete render of this, and the image as a whole took me about a month and a half from start to finish. TOOLS: PovRay 3.0, PaintShop Pro, a lot of REAL coffee.
  • Texas Tech Light :

    After Povray 3.0 (A Completely Free and open source RayTracing Package) Came out, I was completly obsessed with its ability to simulate volumetrics (Fog, Dust, etc).. Many Hours were spent trying to get images like this next one to look like the vision I had in my head... Needless to say, these effects EXPONENTIALLY raised rendering time for images that contained them. TOOLS: Povray 3.0