UPDATED 6/20/98


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Page 3 : WIPP / Work Releated Images

One thing I found out about raytracing, is that it is wildly addictive... And on top of that, the addiction is highly contageous. I installed povray up at work while doing an internship one summer with Westinghouse, and not only managed to spend a vast majority of the summer raytracing, but also managed to get a bunch of other people doing it too. Another thing that I learned: You can get away with it too if you are doing it in the guise of creating Company Logos and propoganda :) (Which is exactly why you are gonna see a lot of Westinghouse logos in here.
  • WIPP Facility :

    The WIPP facility consists of 4 Shafts: Waste Handling Shaft (Shown), Air Intake Shaft, Air Outflow Shaft, Main Shaft. They reach approximately 21000 feet (over 3 miles) into the ground where there is a 1 Mile Square Excavated area for storing the radioactive waste.. Main buildings in the center of the image are biased with negative pressure, so if there is a waste spill, the pressure will suck the radiation down into the SHAFT, and keep it from getting outside. I was going to make this image a comprehensive version of the whole site (There are some 35 odd trailers and other buildings left), but I got bored with it :) TOOLS: POVRAY 2.0-3.0 /LI>
  • CWest :

    I was just dorking around one day, and came out with this.. I really like Metals, and reflectivity. TOOLS: Povray 3.0.
  • Facilities Engineering #2 :

    This was an earlier version of the Facilities Eng Image that I used on the Favorites Pages... I've kept it all this time, because for some reason I liked this one almost better than the final product. You make the call. TOOLS: PaintSHOP pro, POVRAY 3.0
  • Westinghouse Logo 2 :

    The next series of images were byproducts of creating the logo for the coffee cup in the faceng images (above). I even made a screensaver out of this stuff, and if you're really bored, you can check it out here. Approx Size: 1 Megabyte TOOLS: Povray 3.0
  • Westinghouse Logo 1 :

    This was my first iteration of the Westinghouse logo.. If you work there, it makes a nice desktop image (I usually like simplicity on the desktop). TOOLS: POVRAY 3.0
  • Westinghouse Logo 3 :

    If you look real hard, you can see an earlier version of the Wipp Site that I was working on in the background. BTW, Don't get any wrong ideas in your head: New Mexico is NOT that green.. It's not Green at all! TOOLS: POVRAY 3.0
  • Westinghouse Logo 4 :

    A Realy closeup shot of the same Logo. That's reflection.. not transparency. Same Tools
  • Westinghouse World #2 :

    Needless to say, I was getting tired of making variations on the older logo... so I thought I'd come up with my own.. If I had made another version of this image with would have been to add a glowing green sludge around those barells :) TOOLS: POVRAY 3.0 PaintSHOP Pro