UPDATED 6/20/98


Welcome to Winter's Ray Image Attic!

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Page 2 : Texas Tech Themed Images

The Images you find on this page are mostly related to Texas Tech and/or EE, IEEE. Most of them are earlier things that I've done in the raytracing world.
  • Texas Tech Symbol #2 :

    This Image was an earlier raytrace that I did.. using POVRAY 2.0 and WinBLOB. Basically I was just experimenting around with Povray at the time.
  • Texas Tech Symbol #1 :

    I was always somewhat fond of this one, as this was the time that I really started to comprehend how textures could be manipulated in PovRAY. TOOLS: POVRAY 2.0, WinBLOB (for the Double T of course)
  • Texas Tech Symbol #5 :

    Another Variation on the same theme.. Anyone who has used Povray will probably recognize the Apocolypse texture right away. TOOLS: POVRAY 2.0, WinBLOB.
  • Double T Double E #2 :

    At one point, I was the IEEE (Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineers) TTU Section Web Master.. this image was the second of three images that I made as prototypes for the page.. (This one didn't make the cut). Unfortunately I lost the first attempt somewhere :). TOOLS: Povray 3.0, Graph Paper.
  • Double T Double E #3 :

    Opposed to the first and second images... this one actually went on the IEEE Page. Although I used a much smaller form of it as a banner pic. This was created only using POVRAY 3.0 and the Robotech Font.