UPDATED 6/20/98


Welcome to Winter's Ray Image Attic!

You can click on SOME of these pictures for a larger version.

Page 4 : Miscellaneous stuff

OK, so I'll apologize right away, this page may take a little while to load, cause I just chunked a bunch of images in here.. I should have made another page or two, but there were really no more categories for a whole page. I'll put all the Images that have a bigger version of themselves at the front.
  • Clan Swarm Logo :

    I have been in several (4) different Quake Clans. throughout my time (I am currently a member of the muppet clan, and have been for about a year now.) Clan SWARM was a clan that I formed, with a few friends of mine back when QuakeWorld 1.0 came out.. This Logo was done with Lightwave, and was on the web page (Which I've since lost so I cant show you. Vestiges of it still exist under teh Quake->QWatch Section.) One other thing... the big version is slightly different than the little version.
  • Color Test1 :

    Sometimes I have the urge just to try random things.. this is the result of one of those times Tools: POVRAY3.0
  • Modern Composition #1 :

    This is another one of those times, I think this image was a product of messing around with Fractal Painter 4.0 for the first time... Not a Raytrace, but I've kinda liked it anyway. TOOLS: Painter 4.0
  • Coffee #1:

    I actually had a way better version of this at one time (Polished wood, Computer keyboard on desk etc..), but I cant for the life of me find it. This is all that's left I guess. TOOLS: Povray 2.0
  • Pipe #1 :

    This was a very poor attempt at modelling a pipe using regular geometric objects (Sphere, Cylinder, Cube, etc... OK so I didn't use the cube :). TOOLS: POVRAY 2.0
  • Pencil #1 :

    This is an actual pencil that I own. I painstakingly measured each piece of the pencil and digitally recreated it using cylinders and CSG.. It shows up again in the Facility Engineering Images on Page 1 and 3. TOOLS: Ruler, Povray 3.0, Paper, Pencil :).

Misc Single Images (i.e. this is all I got, no bigger versions)

  • Breadboard :

    This is a model of the RadioShack Standard Quick Prototype Breadboard.. correct down to the hole count and size. This model appears in the Shuttle Tyderium picture on Page 1.

  • A Nice Simple Double T

  • This was a variation on the ttlight image on page 1.. I never finished this one..

  • These images were designs for Texas Tech Electrical Engineering Window Stickers (IEEE Fundraiser.. blah blah blah)

  • These two images were an attempt to test Light compositing in PovRay3... The images don't really show it but I think there's a bug in Pov3.. You can combine green/red/blue light and get a white light, but you can't take white light.. filter out Green/Red/Blue, and then Recombine the filtered values to attain white. These images kind of show that.

Welp that's all folks.. Hope you enjoyed it!

I hope to be adding to this gallery soon.. I have a few other Lightwave Compositions that I will be adding as soon as I locate them (I know I got a couple on another computer) and after making this page, I might just pick up raytracing again :)