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Saturday, March 17 2000: Introduction

This page is my attempt at gathering the work I've been doing recently with Radiance The 'real light' based Radiosity Rendering system put out by those fine folks at lbl.gov Radiance Homepage It should be noted, that Radiance was developed primarily under a Unix environment (I've been running it in Linux). While there ARE winNT based binaries floating around out there, NT is not really stable enough to use for this purpose (as I commonly had renderings that needed to run several days uninterrupted. Now... Time to set the way back machine!

Monday, December 21 1998: Phase 1

On this day in history, I have discovered RADIANCE... It promises to be both a rewarding rendering system (based on real light simulation), as well as an arduous road to a noble goal: To create Photorealistic still lifes and Animations! after going through Tutorial 0, I quickly realized that this was going to be one of the more maniacal pursuits I've followed. (ok I know that's a little melodramatic, but humor me, I'm trying to make a narrative here!)

Saturday, January 16 1999: Phase 2

I had a general Idea that I wanted to model an Espresso maker that I had (Nuova Simonelli, Ellimattic) and a couple of shot glasses putting them all into a scene that looked as close to real as I could make it. With that in mind, I set out to try getting the shot glasses first. I decided to use Lightwave 5.0 for my modeler. Since Radiance has a conversion filter from Alias/Wavefront's .OBJ format -> Radiance model format I used a handy little program called 3DWIN, which packed a bunch of handy conversion filters, one of which included a LWS -> OBJ which didn't do too shabby of a job. Here's one of my early versions of the glass.

Sunday, March 28 1999: Phase 3 (The plot thickens)

At this point, I had been tenaciously modeling my Actual Espresso Machine in Lightwave: The image to the left was a scene along the way that was rendered in LW Layout just to see how it was working out. (click on the image to see a larger version)

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