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This page has no specific focus. Rather, It is made up of several smaller pages. These can be accessed through the links found on the Menubar at the top. The Menubar should be present at all times throughout your Journey here at Cryptnet.

What you'll find here:

  • My Most Current 3D Gallery This is the newest section (02/28/04) which includes work I've done recently with knowledge learned of HDRI and better modeling skills.
  • My Radiance Site (3d Grafx) This is an older section (3/20/00) in which I show my progress of learning Radiance (A real light based Radiosity rendering system). Radiance is capable of creating very realistic images being that they rely on using the actual physics of how light travels in a scene (as opposed to programs like 3DStudio and Povray which allow fake and impossible light sources to acheive their goals). Plus it incorporates Radiosity which models how light bounces around a scene gaining indirect light components from an objects color. For example.. in a completely red room with a bright light and white chair in the center.. there will be red hue to the chair which is actually an artifact of the red on the floor and walls becoming an indirect light source.
  • Linux Stuff: Programs, Ports and Hacks I've written for the only decent Operating System
  • Quake Stuff: This includes Maps I've made as well as Ports and stuff I done for Linux (Qutils3)
  • Java Stuff: (Applet Code Liberation Front ACLF) I had a breif excursion into Java one Summer (97) and came out with three or so pretty descent Applets. These are mostly re-codes of neat Applets I saw one place or another.. Some of them incurred my wrath because the owners were asking Large sums of money for their use. So I recoded them and I'm giving away the sourec. NOTE: I am currently redoing JspMenu.. I know it takes up a lot of CPU sorry bout that)
  • Personal Info: Well I like to look at other peoples info, so here's mine.
  • The Junk Drawer: This holds all the stuff that I wanted to throw on this page, but didn't want to make a category for... It includes A FirstWorks 3D GALLERY of really old, and quite frankly, embarassing images I've done as well as Articles that I've read which I thought were good enough to preserve for posterity. It also has a section on Bypassing Security measures on Windows NT4.. (i.e. Admin and/or Registry Editing rights when you don't have the opportunity :) As well as a rarely updated ARTICLES section.
  • BookList: This is a list of the kewlest books in recent memory, I am undoubtedly forgetting some really good ones, but this should get anyone started who wants to take some recommendations on good reading
  • Linkz: Mostly these are links to other Pages on this computer.. but I've also thrown in a bunch of random stuff too (Doesn't eveyone).
  • Files!: All the files that are currently in distributable form (There's more or less a lot of random stuff in here). You can also access this from the Menubar above.

Page Layout

The Layout found on this page (Background, Color Scheme, Newspaper column Feel) was inspired (Swiped, Stolen, Lifted, 5-Fingered, Pilfered) from Raster's ( Page (because cause I really liked it) so I'm giving him most of the design credit, eventhough he most likely doesn't know of its existence :)

Auxiliary Notes

  • Most of the Graphics found on this page were done with The GIMP.. Ok Some of them anyway.
  • I have temporarily Done away with the Anime Section (Which was empty anyway) to put in The Junk Drawer Section.. The Anime Section will probably resurface in there when I get the chance to update it... For now, go checkout the Junk Drawer and see all the old RayTraces I've Done :)
  • NEW This Page is now Java-Free Friendly... With the exception of the Section about Java (Which is navagated by a Java Menu. The rest of the page can be navigated with Java Features TURNED off (Or even in Lynx/Opera If you like adventures). From now on, I will attempt to keep all content accessable from the widest range of platforms

Updates: (Most Recent)

  • Gallery (2/28/04) (NEW!)
  • Radiance Site (3/20/00)
  • Main Page (2/28/04)
  • Booklist (12/7/98)
  • Java (2/7/98)
  • About Me (6/20/98)
  • Quake (7/5/98)
  • Linux (2/26/00)
  • Junk Drawer (3/20/00)
  • Linkz (7/19/98)
  • Files (Updated Regularly)