Then there was QUAKE, and the rest were just Games

UPDATED 3/26/98

A short Desc. of the Junk here

  1. QWatch: This is a Win32 Program I wrote a while back that allows one to monitor (externally) a QuakeWorld Server that has a game in progress. It lets you specify up to three teams, either by Color or Skin... and then calculates current team scores, It also allows you to paste directly from QSpy (Standard Format).. It can refresh as fast as once every 5 seconds
  2. Q2 Maps: This section is devoted to Maps I have created for Q2.. There are screenshots as well as links to download them. To date, I have converted DM2 and DM5 from Quake 1, and Map 7 from Doom2.
  3. Tools: This section contains the Linux Ported binaries and sources for the id QUtils3 (i.e. QBsp3, QRad3, QVis3, and QBspinfo3). They run on my system.. I'm not sure they run anywhere else :)
  4. FragLogs: These are pretty broken Right now (Due to wanton misuse of my root privileges :) , but I should be able to get the databases restored and back up in a week tops :), The page contains logs of Quake-age that happened on my Server!
  5. Links: well, this should be self explanitory

My Quake Persona

  • Aliases: Wintermute, [MC]Escher
  • Clan Affiliation: Clan Muppet
  • Clan Team: Team Bravo (Mumford, Leonardo, Uncle Deadly, and me)
  • Main servers: Quake1: QWHell, QWComp3.2, AirQuake, Tiger Runes (Sometimes). QuakeII: NKN Lithium, VRGN QuakeII, VRGN Quake64
  • Clan Locale: MUPPET NET and on IRC we can be found on gamesnet ( channel #clan_muppet

Upcoming Quake Releated Projects

  • I plan on eventually dabbling in a little Quake DLL Mod Programming
  • I'd like to see if Jason, Tim, and I could get a Multi-Computer version of the id-tools up and running... to make map compiling faster (My Last map DM2 took well over two hours for a full compile)

Quick Links


The Two Biggest Hints that I can give Budding Quake Players are:
  1. Learn the Levels by Playing Single Player Nightmare Mode, and find ALL the secrets
  2. Always Get Armor: if you are equidistant from Armour (Yellow or Red) and a Cool Gun... Get the Armor First!

Map Section Added (3/25/98)

Tools Section Added (3/26/98)