Me and My Vices

UPDATED 6/20/98


  • AGE: 23
  • Height: 5'9"
  • Weight: 170
  • Eyes: Hazel
  • Work: Nokia Telecommunications
  • Job Desc: MSC/HLR Software Design Engineer (Yes I am in fact an Engineer... see schooling, and Yes... I also have a slight problem with Most CS only people who claim the same thing)
  • Schooling: B.S. Electrical Engineering, B.S. Computer Science from Texas Tech University, Lubbock Texas
  • Current Residence: Los Colinas, Texas (Between Dallas and FortWorth)
  • Marital Status: heh I'm sure you can guess based on the quality of work I've put into this web page that only about 5 people will ever look at :)


  • QUAKE!!! / QuakeII
  • Quake Map Design
  • Programming (C++/C/Linux/Windows/etc..)
  • Reading: Sci-Fi Mostly.. See my Booklist.
  • SnowBoarding (Ya, that's not me up there, but I wish it was)
  • Wakeboarding: This is a cross between Surfing and Water Skiing
  • RacquetBall
  • Climbing/Rappelling (That's most likely spelled wrong)
  • Watching Movies (Action/Anime/Sci-Fi/Drama.. da basics): STARWARS IS MY ALLTIME FAVORITE!!
  • Sleeping Late
  • Micro$oft Bashing (This is a good time for me.. at the current instant, 27 states have brought suit against the Bohemoth :)
  • Nintendo64 Gamage
  • Hangin with the Mupps in IRC ( channel #clan_muppet)
  • Ohhh almost forgot... Coffeeeee.. I love Coffee (especially Iced Lattes)
  • Other Games: Worms2, XvT, Jedi Knight



Kind of an old pic of me... about 5 yrs.


  • Mondays
  • Mornings
  • People who complain in Quake
  • People who accuse me of cheating in Quake... Just becuase I have a score lead on them
  • Internet Problems: Lag, Outtages, etc..
  • Environmentalists
  • Those yuppies that get in front of me at the Coffee shop because the think that drinking coffee makes them look cool... As Dave Barry put it.. There should be a law letting those of us with a true Medical Need for caffiene go first
  • Cleaning: I really loath this one.. I try to avoid it with all possible force.
  • Country Music: I hate this one with the White-Hot intensity of a thousand suns. (probably from my 8 year stint in Carlsbad, NM