LINKS To Other Places

UPDATED 7/19/98

Quake Linx

  • Bluesnews The Quake News
  • Planetquake Another Quake News site
  • Redwoods Redwoods Quake Page
  • The Muppet Net My Clan's Homepage
  • DeathMatch Classics These guys are preportedly making a PAK of all the best QuakeI Map conversions... I dunno though. I havn't seen anything from them in a long time.. I think they're dead.

Links to Friends

  • Thete's page This is My roommate (Tim Watson).. Beware the page is Pathetic!
  • Michael Shufeldt Just a resume the last time I looked
  • DreamRaven SoftwareThis belongs to another friend (Jason Reynolds).. I don't know if it's still active.
  • Jeff Stovall You never know what you'll find on this page... :)

Marginally useful LINUX Linkz

  • ENLIGHTENMENT Window Manager Only the Killer X App of the Century
  • Mad Dog's Linux Quake Page Well the Link says it all.
  • LoadMeter That cool Average Load Meter that looks like a LED bar...
  • X End Of Story Links to a bunch of useful X Apps
  • RedHat's List of Usefull apps I usually use this as a starting point for lookin for Linux Stuff
  • WindowMaker Window Manager This is another WindowManager which is simpler than Enlightenment, but about an order of magnitude faster (I currently run Both E and WM)
  • Gnome Desktop Environment Do you miss having the standard Drag and Drop Functionality in Windows? Well Gnome is th Answer.. it adds the ability to put Icons on the Desktop, a Centralized Help Facility, and much more.. WARNING: If you are Running any distribution other than Slackware, you'll be compiling this (and its support routines for a whole day or more!
  • FRESHMEAT This site keeps a pretty good tab on all the new software coming out for Linux. Go here for the latest releases.

Just plain cool stuff

  • SLASHDOT A Very Cool Tech News Page (unbiased... Really :)
  • Pricewatch "Now... where to get the best buy on computer equipment?"
  • Snoot Empire Wonderful Humor Page: (Not updated all that often)
  • TechWeb More Tech News Updated Daily. (This is pretty much filled with Fluff though so don't expect to get an unbiased opinion here either.
  • Need to Know(UK) A Highly Sarchastic weekly Tech News feed from the UK. (I love this one!)