NEWS: Caffiene FAQ Section Added!
 Tuesday December 8th, 1998
Ok I've added something I've been meaning to put up for Quite some time... The Coffee and Caffiene FAQ! It has TONS of cool Coffee Info and can be linked CafFAQ!

 NEWS: Articles Section Finally added
 Sunday September 6th, 1998
Well I've finally gotten off my rear and created the Articles section... you like the format? Well I five fingered it from the MozillaZine site, so I thought I ought to give them the appropriate credit :) This Section will contain news and Articles that I've collected and thought to preserve. A few notes about the Page...

1) It looks nice, but I found out later that it loads a little slow because of all the dang table information in it. I figure this is an all right trade off for now, as only about 2 people will ever even see it :)

2) The Search Button doesn't yet work, and neither do some of the links on the Right hand side. I will get to those as soon as possible, but it's 4:30 AM and I'm going to bed.

3) The Articles for the most part are straight text files, I may revamp them into HTML later.

 ARTICLE: The Dumbing Down of the Programmer
 Sunday September 6th, 1998
"The Dumbing down of the Programmer" By ELLEN ULLMAN of the Salon Magazine: This is an excellent editorial on the Path that we are travelling in this "I want it now and I want it EASY world... I agree with about everything she says... I would recommend this to any serious computer user, and not just programmers.. (Plain Text now, I'll HTMLize it later -JW)

P A R T_O N E:

 ARTICLE: VB Crackin?
 Saturday September 5th, 1998
Here's a little Gem I Picked up at Fravia's Its a nice little tutorial that may come in handy... (If the link doesn't work, massage it a little, as I'm attempting to keep this off the associated search engines) ANYWAY here's the FILE.

 FAQS: NT Security Info!
 Saturday September 5th, 1998
NT Security Settings Got you Down? Not able to set your CLOCK because the administrator wont allow it? Want a little more power to solve your problems yourself?? Well it sounds like you could possibly benifit from the information found HERE.
(PS: Break something, get in trouble or whatever, I'm not responsible)

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