UPDATED 12/8/98

The JUNK DRAWER! Here You'll find all the stuff I didn't want to make a category for

The Kind of Stuff I got in here

Man you Must be really bored if you're actually looking around at what's in here :)... Well here's the kind of stuff that you'll find:
  • Radiance Page A gallary of my 3d work in Radiance
  • Picture Gallery : Ray Traces and other pictures that I've that I've done through the years.. I've attempted to assemble all that I could find, unfortunately some of my earlier work has been lost through several HD/OS Changes Well Have fun anyway.
  • Articles Section : I've come across some moderately interesting (and sometimes usefull) information in my time on the Net.. So from now on, I'm going to be keeping some of the stuff I deem cool (Which for various reasons may be short lived on the net) You can Check this stuff out by going to the
  • A Cheap attempt at storing some Good info : The only thing in here so far, is NT Information that I grabbed because of its scarce availability (You'd be supprised how LITTLE) infomation there is out there on Getting Admin Rights and stuff like that on such a blatantly INSECURE platform! What I did find has been invaluable.
  • Programs and Stuff a very short list of the stuff that I've written and am releasing to the net..

A Random Thought to Fill the space:

When we get to the era of Brain Implants and Neural/Computer Interfaces, I always said I'd be first in line.. Recently, however, I've been rethinking this policy. This is because it is possible that the Interface would be operated by a decendant of Windows.. I could see it now. "Aww man His Brain Crashed again.. Go Get the Jumper Cables".